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Nicholson Plastics have been manufacturing GRP water storage tanks since 1968.

Our water tank projects including football stadiums, hotels and airports.

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Commercial Water Tank Installation – Glasgow

Date: 21/06/2017

Company name: Thomas Tunnocks Ltd.

Products/services supplied: Supply and Installation of a single compartment externally flanged tank with a self-draining base.

Tank dimensions & capacity: 6.5x5x4m, 130,000 litre GRP Sectional Tank. Space restriction on site, keeping the same capacity of water within a smaller footprint of the existing installation.

Commercial Water Tank Installation - Click here for project overview

Project Overview

Nicholson plastics had the pleasure of working with Scotland’s largest bakery company the Thomas Tunnock Limited in 2016, our production team manufactured and supplied a potable cold-water storage tank for their office building.

Due to further development and expansion, their engineers got in touch with our sales team for an additional water tank, this time to supply potable water to the new extension works which were planned for their main factory located in Uddingston, Glasgow.

Tunnock bakery was undergoing renovation and expansion works and the space allocated for the tank needed to be reviewed. The old water tank covered a floor footprint of 48 cubic metres, the objective for the new tank installation was to reduce the space required for the tank without dropping the holding capacity, the existing sized tank would not fit into the new layout of the factory floor, space was at a premium.

Our external team attended site to meet our client’s engineers, in order to understand their specific requirements, it was important to meet on site to discuss the scope and possible restrictions/obstacles of replacing the water tank.

With our knowledge and expertise, the team decided on building up rather than building out. Floor space was not available but there was enough space vertically to build allowing for the same holding capacity required to support the building’s requirements.

The existing tank was an 8x6x3m sectional tank. With the new design for the extension works the floor space needed to be reduced by approx. three meters for the works to go ahead, while keeping the overall capacity of 130,000 litres.commercial-water-tank-installation

Our team decided on a 4meter high tank with 6.5meter in length and 5meter in width, but rather than using these dimensions to replace the existing length and width our engineer switched them around so the new tank would allow Tunnocks to demolish the existing three piers creating enough space for their extension works.

After stripping out the old tank our team got started with the new 6.5x5x4m sectional tank with a ball valve box to get the maximum capacity of the new tank of 130,000 litres. With the tank, already being raised on both piers and secondary support steels the overall working height increased to 5 metres high. This height increase was factored in with our engineers, sufficient space was available after the tank supports were put in place. Due to the huge footprint of the tank, we recommended a side access hatch and two internal ladders to help with any future maintenance of the tank.

Space restrictions on the site are standard for many city developments, Nicholson Plastics team have a wealth of experience in this area having manufactured, supplied and installed sectional water storage tanks for over 40 years. Our team have worked on numerous urban development projects where maximising space is the key objective. Optimising available space without sacrificing storage capacity is an area our team specialise in. We cater for projects of all sizes and pride ourselves on creating water storage solutions for projects where space is restrictive.


Custom Moulding Specialists – Haptic Cow 

Date: 21/06/2017

Company name: Virtalis Ltd

Products/services supplied:  A custom moulded fibre glass haptic cow.

Tank dimensions & capacity: Cow body comes in five sections, (also has additional leg extensions) in a clam shell casing, which measures 980mm x 660m x 270mm.

Custom Moulding - Haptic Cow - Click here for Project Overview

Project overview

‘Virtalis’ is a virtual reality and advanced global visual realisation company, with offices throughout the world including USA, Germany, Malaysia, Finland and their head offices based in Cheshire here in the UK.

Haptic cows were originally developed in 2012 to be used as a marketing aid at a show in Calgary to promote the launch of this product in North America. Since then, due to the success of this custom moulded product, many more have been ordered for clinics and colleagues all over the world such as and Midwest University, Arizona, Cambridge University and many more leading UK veterinary schools around the United Kingdom.haptic cow

‘Virtalis’ design and create animal products for veterinary training schools, allowing students to carry out virtual rectal and abdominal examinations in a life like scenarios. Their designer contacted our sales team with a request for a custom mould of a life size cow.

After discussing the brief in detail and confirming the exact requirements, our production team started on constructing a cow which can be taken apart into 5 sections, including leg extensions that can be easily added or removed.  The Haptic Cow is manufactured in sections making it easier to deliver and reduce shipping costs.

The body of the cow was constructed from a clam shell casing to the measurements of 980mm x 660mm x 270mm. (The characteristics of the Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) are brought to the fore in this project, the cow is light enough to be moved around by one person yet robust enough to have other equipment attached to the structure.)

The outter shell of the animal which would be used by Virtalis systems to create a virtual touch, or haptics, and enable students to carry out virtual rectal and abdominal examinations. These animal moulding products are also used for artificial insemination purposes by veterinary clinics throughout the world.

Specialist work included moulding the body of an animal, including hand painting the cow to create the desired effect which is a specialised request in the manufacture of GRP products.

Timelines for this project were tight, our sales team received the design brief in May and our customer required the mould to be completed and ready for the 6th of August in time for the Calgary show.

Thanks to our technical sales and our highly experienced production & custom moulding specialists, Nicholson Plastics produced this unique product in a quick turnaround period, each of the five pieces of the cow needed to be made by hand, from the order being placed at the beginning of June, it was moulded, painted, shipped and delivered by the beginning of August. In addition, Nicholson Plastics designed and built a specific flight case for storing and shipping the units anywhere in the world.


Football Stadium Water Tank Installation

Date: 24/03/2017

Company name: Ebbsfleet United Football Stadium.

Products/services supplied:  Manufacture Supply and Install a Sectional Water Tank

Tank dimensions & capacity: 4000x1500x1500mm, 9000 Litres Nominal Capacity

Football Stadium - Water Tank Installation Project Overview click here

Project overview

Nicholson Plastics Ltd is a leader in the field of manufacturing and installation of water storage tanks throughout the UK. We have nearly 50 years’ experience in the industry and have a team of highly qualified experts to assist with any technical queries on tank installation for potable and non-potable water applications.Football stadium sectional water tank

HOB Mechanical Services approached us back in February of 2016 to quote for a GRP water storage tanks to hold a nominal capacity of 9,000 litres. HOB Mechanical service is one of the largest independent mechanical services companies in the South East.

The client Ebbsfleet United Football Stadium required a 9,000-litre water tank of potable water to be supplied, delivered and installed by our technical installations team. Ebbsfleet United Football Stadium located in Kent in the UK was established in 1946, the stadium at full capacity holds 5,000 supports with new plans underway to increase the stadium’s capacity to 6,000.

On winning the contract our manufacturing team produced the GRP panels required for a 4-meter x 1.5-meter x 1.5-meter sectional water tank to hold the maximum requirement of 9,000 litres of potable water.Football stadium football club

The installation took our technical installation crew one day to complete the job.

Nicholson plastics have been manufacturing, delivering and installing GRP water storage tanks for nearly 50 years. We are experts in the field of GRP manufacturing and water storage tank supply and installation.

We have potable and non-potable water storage options available. All potable water tanks are fully compliant with WRAS certification for safe drinking water.

We offer all size options for water storage including sectional tanks which can be built on site often used where space is restricted & for large volumes of water. Alternatively, we manufacture one piece water tanks, multipart tanks, and knock-down tanks.

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 Hospital Water Storage Tank Installation 

Industry: Health Care
Company: Cross house Hospital Scotland
Products supplied: Two sectional cold water tanks
Tank Dimensions & capacity: Tank 1. 12 x 9 x 2m, Tank 2. (216,000 Litres Nominal capacity)
The Scope of the project: The client required a water storage tank to hold a total capacity of 216,000 litres of potable water for Cross House Hospital.

Hospital Water Tank Installation Project Overview click here

Project overview

University hospital Cross house, built in 1978 is a large district general hospital in Kilmarnock, Scotland it contains 645 beds, provides maternity services for the whole of NHS Ayrshire & Arran. The purpose built maternity unit, has a further 51 beds, including a neonatal intensive care unit, special care & pediatric services are all available.Cross hospital Water Tank Installation

The hospital required the manufacture, delivery, installation and removal of their existing water tank system. The job required little to no disruption to the water supply.

Our tank installations crew accessed the site for the tank replacements, which was located external to the building. Due to the replacement works, an audit was carried out on the existing tank foundations to see if they could support the new sized tanks that were to be upgraded. After a thorough inspection, our installations crew decided the existing foundations needed to be altered in order to support the new GRP water storage tanks that were being supplied.Cross hospital Water Tank Installation

Our sales, manufacturing personnel, logistics departments and site crews worked together alongside the hospital contractors, BBESL Glasgow who are a leading infrastructure group to ensure the job was completed within the timeframe required.

Our site crews and logistics personnel committed to tight deadlines on this project as to not disrupt the hospital water supply, delivering on the deadlines agreed with the project contractors prior to manufacture.

Combining our expertise and knowledge, we assisted BBESL provide a suitable new base through our internal sCross hospital Water Tank Installationales and logistics team. The job took two weeks to complete the construction of the water tanks, with no disruption to the hospital’s water supply.

Nicholson plastics have been manufacturing and installing water storage tanks for nearly 50 years. We are an approved supplier of water storage solutions throughout the UK. All our tanks manufactured for potable use have been WRAS approved and fully certified.

Commercial Water Storage Tank Installation  

– 155 Bishopsgate North London

Industry Sector: Facilities

Date: January 2016

Company Name: Deba UK ltd,

Products services supplied: Sectional tank supply and install

Tank dimensions & capacity: 8x8x2m Internally Flanged Base with capacity of 128,000


Office Building Water Tank Installation - click here for project overview

Project Overview 

Nicholson plastics were approached by Deba UK limited to manufacture and install a grp water storage tank. The quote included replacing their existing water storage tank with a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) water storage tank, removing the existing tank with no disruption to water supply. Water Tank Install - North London

Deba UK Limited provide engineering solutions, products, services and technologies to enable organisations ensure that they systematically meet their environmental, health and safety obligations. Our client required a water storage tank installed at 155 Bishopsgate, Broadgate, North London. This well-known building  comprises of an array of international banking institutions including: AXA Investment Managers, Bullhorn, Barings, EBRD, ETC Venues, Lloyds Banking Group, Lothbury Investment, Marex Spectron ,Mitel, Norinchukin, Sumitomo Mitsui and Tullett Prebon.

On winning the contract to replace the storage tank for an office block at 155 Bishopsgate. Our highly-experienced installations team carried out a site audit to review the space available for the new GRP water tanks. Due to the nature of the job, tight deadlines were a priority due to the condition of the existing tank, which required urgent replacement to ensure continuous water supply to the offices.

The existing water tank was a galvanised steel tank and had been in use for many years. Galvanised steel is an expensive alternative material to GRP. The life span for this material type is not as durable as GRP and is far more expensive to transport, install and manufacture.

Our expert team of installers removed the galvanised steel tank and replaced with an 8 meter x 8 meter x 2-meter GRP sectional water tank, with a holding capacity of 128,000 litres of potable water.  Delivery & installation had to be completed on the same day, our qualified team of professionals delivered on their promise of removing the old water storage system replacing with a new and improved grp tank that even in the harshest of conditions.

Nicholson plastics have been manufacturing, delivering and installing GRP water storage tanks for nearly 50 years. We are experts in the field of grp manufacturing and water storage tank supply and installation.

We have potable and non-potable water storage options available. All potable water tanks are fully compliant with WRAS certification for safe drinking water.

We offer all size options for water storage including sectional tanks which can be built where space is restricted (build on site) alternatively we offer one piece water tanks, multipart tanks and knock-down tanks.

We would love to work on your project, give our technical sales team a call for an instant quote for your next job!

Football Stadium – Water Storage Tank Installation

Tannadice Football Stadium

Project:  Fit & install a water tank which would supply water to the sprinklers for the pitch.

Customer: Dundee United Football Club

Tank: 12 x 2 x1.3m Hand Lay TIF

Complete: August 2014

Football Stadium - Water Tank Installation Project overview click here

Project Overview 

Nicholson Plastics were called to site by Tannadice Football Stadium to help them fit a tank which would supply water to their sprinklers for the pitch.Tannadice Football Stadium Water tank installation project

The problem they faced was the tank needed to be out of sight. The only place to fit the tank was in a long and narrow basement under the directors’ box.

Nicholson’s team attended the site along with the ground works team and Tannadice management. A solution of a 12 x 2 x 1.3m custom size tank was agreed for the job.

It was a very tight space to install the tank and one of the biggest HLU TIF tanks surveyed. On securing the job Nicholson’s were back on site to reconfirm sizes. With a few small adjustments, the custom made tank was fitted and installed.


Airport Water Tank Installation

Project: Installation of 3 Sectional water storage tanks

Contractor: Crown House Technologies

Completed: May 2012

Tank Sizes:

  • 10m x 4m x 2.5m
  • 2m x 2m x 2m
  • 4m x 2m x 2m



Airport - Water Tank Installation Project Click here for project overview

Project Overview 

Nicholson Plastics were awarded the contract to manufacture and install 3 water storage tanks for Terminal 2 Heathrow Airport.

Each water tank used for different applications. The largest tank was installed to store softened water for plant and equipment.

The 4x2x2 stores the potable water for the building and the 2x2x2 stores harvested rainwater that is used for non-potable applications.

Hotel Water Storage Tank Installation 

Project: Totally internally flanged water tank for potable water

Customer: Four Seasons Hotel

Tank Size: 2.5 x 1.5 x 1

Contractor: Mackie

Built by: S.A Tanks

Completed: March 2013


Four Seasons Hotel London - Water Tank Installation Project Overview Click Here

Project Overview 

This tank is placed in an alcove archway under the pavement in London city centre. Pedestr4-Seasons-hotel water tank installationians walk over the top of it every day without realising it. Space restrictions was a major factor in this project.

The space allocated for the water storage tank was minimal and the hotel needed to store as much potable water as possible. In order to capitalise on the space allocated, we designed and manufactured a HLU Totally internally flanged tank that could be placed against 3 walls. As all of the tank bolts are internal, access to the tank was only needed at one side.


Football Stadium Water Storage Tank Installation

Project: Full turnkey job

Customer: Motorpoint Arena

Tanks: 8 x 4 x 3m, 6 x 5 x 3m

Completed: July 2013


Football Stadium - Water Tank Installation click here for project overview

Project Overview 

Nicholson Plastics were approached by Motorpoint Arena Sheffield to survey the stadium for a full turnkey job. Nicholson’s team measured up and liaised with a local plumbing contractor for the site survey.

The size of the tanks required were 6 x 4 x 3   sectional tank

The client Steffan awarded Nicholson’s the contract and our team attended the site to make up a suitable program of works.

The tanks installed on this project are supplying all services in the arena including all sporting events and concerts based in Sheffield.

On completion of this project Nicholson’s received a letter of recommendation commending us for our workmanship.


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*Subject to location

With over 50 years manufacturing and supplying water storage tanks, we ensure that all our tanks meet all relevant manufacturing standards and legislation.