Water Storage Tanks 

Potable & Non Potable Water

GRP Water Storage Tanks

GRP Water storage tanks are manufactured for many applications including drinking water (potable water), non-potable commercial water & agricultural water storage including irrigation, farming, fire suppression, chemical manufacturing & food preparation to name a few. The components of the tank change with each application. I.e. drinking water will be stored differently to water for non-potable use.

Different types of water storage tanks available include:

One Piece tanks
Modular tanks
Slim tanks
Concrete tanks
Poly tanks/Plastic tanks
GRP tanks/Fibreglass tanks
Metal/Steel tanks

Nicholson plastics are a leading water tank supplier in the United Kingdom, specialising in GRP water storage tanks for potable and non-potable use. Nicholson Plastics have been manufacturing GRP products for almost 50 years and are highly recommended for the manufacture of sectional water storage tanks, one piece water storage tanks & multi-part water storage tanks.

Benefits to using GRP water storage tanks

The most important advantages of using GRP water storage tanks compared to an alternative material include:

– Weight advantages of GRP tanks
GRP has a Low weight-to-strength ratio, GRP tanks weigh less than alternative materials but they also have high strength to weight ratio, which is an important factor when choosing the tank that is right for your needs. Lightweight properties of the GRP tanks will be a benefit for the costings & ease of installation especially on equipment that must be mounted/transported/fitted & assembled.

– Costing of GRP material
GRP material costs less than alternative materials used for water storage tanks, materials like concrete & steel cost more to produce. GRP is the best solution for corrosion problems at the lowest price.one piece tank

– Economical
GRP is the best alternative to competitor substances on the market; GRP has high strength properties at the lowest weight making it the more economical price point.

– High Strength Factor
GRP weights 1/7th the weight of steel tanks and ½ the weight of aluminium water tanks while keeping the heavy weight strength properties.

Nicholson Plastics GRP Water Tanks

– GRP Sectional water storage tanksGRP Water Storage Tanks sectional water storage tank

Nicholson Plastics can manufacture tanks to hold a volume of up to 1.3m litres. The GRP tanks are available with an externally flanged base and an internally flanged base, internally flanged (IF) and totally internally flanged (TIF – SpaceSaver) tanks. These tanks carry WRAS approval certification.

– One piece GRP water storage tanks

Nicholson plastics can manufacture one piece tanks to hold a volume of water ranging from 43 litres to 24000 litres, these tanks are manufactured in both insulated and uninsulated model. Condensation trays are available for all sizes. One Piece GRP tank

GRP Water Storage Tanks NP180-litre-uninsulated-tank

s carry WRAS approval certification.

– Multi-part tanks


Multi-part tanks are the perfect solution when the area is restricted i.e. loft space, these types of tanks are also used extensively in the emergency supply of water as they can be dismantled and erected easily.


Nicholson plastics manufacture to the highest water storage standards, all the water storage tanks have been WRAS approved & are fully certified.

WRAS CertificationGRP Water Storage Tanks

What is WRAS Approval?

All water storage tanks that receive water from the public mains in the UK must comply with the Water Supply Regulations. WRAS approved products/fittings should not cause waste or contamination. The water supply that comes from these fittings and tanks must be of an appropriate quality and standard to be consumed for human consumption.

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