Fire Sprinkler system: How does it work?

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Fire Sprinkler system: How does it work?

The health and safety of human life in the event of a fire has become a growing concern for building regulators when designing and planning residential & commercial developments throughout the UK. Today, a large number of systems have been put in place & changing regulations to protect life in the event of a fire.
Every year, millions of people die or get seriously injured by fire hazards. One of the most effective solutions is sprinkler fire suppression systems.

What makes it so effective? How does it work? 

This article explains the basic function and operational principles of a sprinkler fire suppression system.

What is a sprinkler fire suppression system?

The sprinkler fire extinguishing system is a network of pipelines with water sprayers installed locally. Its main difference from the deluge is that each water sprinkler works automatically when a certain temperature is reached in the zone of its location. In case of localized fire in the room, one or more sprinklers located in the high-temperature zone will work. This is the principle on which a standard sprinkler fire suppression system works.

Principle of operation

The sprinkler system accords to the following principles:
The flame source is localised by a high-pressure water spray. One of its main elements is sprinklers. A sprinkler is a head that is mounted directly into the piping from the firefighting system. In most cases, it is mounted on the ceiling.
To monitor the situation in a particular room, sensors are installed in addition to the sprinklers. Their goal is to determine the temperature and the level of smoke. If there is a risk of fire, these sensors quickly detect a violation of normal conditions and record the rise in degrees of temperature and smoke levels.
Then the signal is transmitted immediately to the main control unit. In turn, it activates the sprinklers, which eliminates the ignition by sprayers with thin streams of water.
Over the past few years, the operation of the household sprinkler system has experienced some amazing improvements. For example, modern systems now use plastic piping. This helps to reduce installation costs, which improves adoption by homeowners. While efficiency, quality and function remain the same. Design of these systems minimise damage to property during operation. It can even protect the items made of wood, cardboard or paper.
Today you can buy sprinklers of various standards. Manufacturers understand this quite well. After all, every user would like to have that system that reduces the damage to the overall interior.

Sprinkler Fire Suppression Systems

There are misconceptions about the operation sprinkler systems. There is the belief that with a fire extinguishing signal, it automatically turns all sprinklers on, and this undoubtedly causes damage to property. However, the development of a sprinkler fire suppression system triggers only those sprayers that are located as close as possible to the source of the fire.
It is considered to be one of the most effective fire suppression systems in the market.


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