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How to Prevent Freezing Water Tanks During Winter Months

Freezing Water Tanks During Winter

Having a water tank is a necessity for many different industries, households, and organisations. A convenient method of storing and producing water, it can be easy to simply install a water tank and then not pay too much attention to it—until something goes wrong.

Freezing water in tanks can present a huge issue which at best can lead to a temporary halt to a water supply and at worst cause great damage to the tank in which it is being stored. This is why, especially in areas where temperatures have a tendency to drop below freezing, it is necessary to take certain proactive steps to prevent water from freezing in tanks.

Luckily, there are several simple things that can be done when both choosing and maintaining your tank in order to mitigate the chances of water freezing in a tank.

Frozen Water

Steps to Prevent Freezing Water Tanks During Winter

Choose as Large a Tank as Possible

The laws of physics dictate that the larger a body of water is, the longer it will take to freeze. This means that choosing a larger sized tank will decrease the chances of the water contained within it from freezing. Our range of GRP cold water storage tanks come in a variety of different sizes and can be custom-built to spec.

Use a Water Heating System

In especially cold temperatures, it can be a good idea to have some sort of water heating system (including temperature sensors) in place. This should guarantee the water will remain unfrozen, even in particularly cold weather.

Ensure Proper Tank Insulation

One simple way of preventing water freezing in tanks is to ensure proper insulation is a feature of whatever the chosen model is. GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic, is by its very nature an insulating material. In addition to this, our water storage tanks, such as our one-piece tanks, and sectional tanks are available insulated or uninsulated.

Monitor for Cracks and Leaks

Once the tank has been chosen and installed, it is imperative that it is checked regularly for cracks and leaks. Pipes leading to and from the tank should be checked, as well. This especially important during colder months. Any cracks will allow cold to permeate into the tank more easily, speeding up the freezing process.

Be Smart About Tank Material

If freezing tank water is a concern, then the tank’s material matters. If a tank is made of inflexible material, such as metal, it is less able to withstand the expansion that occurs during the freezing process than a plastic tank would be.

If freezing does occur in a plastic tank, the material has some give to allow for the expansion in volume. If the same occurs in a metal tank, cracks can appear. All of our tanks are made from high grade, WRAS approved, flexible materials.

Never Fear Freezing Water Again

Freezing water in tanks is rightfully a concern. But with the right type of tank, necessary features and proper tank maintenance, it doesn’t have to be.

Tricel Lanark is one of the premier providers of cold water storage tanks in the UK, with over 55 years of industry experience. If you’re in need of a high-grade, GRP water storage solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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