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GRP Water Storage

Here at Nicholson Plastics, we specialise in GRP water storage solutions for new and for replacement water tank projects.

Our wide range of tanks of all sizes and industry types. For customer needs outside of our standard range, we can offer bespoke custom moulding service to suit individual requirements.

Our large scale tanks are our sectional tank range which is a perfect solution for storing larger volumes of water where space or access is restricted.

We manufacture storage solutions for a wide spectrum of capabilities from domestic storage requirements to industrial scale solutions.

GRP Sectional Water Tank Storage Tanks

Our GRP sectional water storage tanks are an ideal solution for the storage of large volumes of water and for applications where access can be restricted. These tanks are manufactured to specific applications in GRP panel format and are then site assembled.

Here at Nicholson Plastics we are a well-established supplier of industrial sectional GRP tanks and have a proven track record in completing projects of excellent quality. Having over 50 years of experience we have both the production and personnel resources necessary to meet the requirements that each project demands. Our large scale sectional tanks can hold up to 2,000,000 litres of water and have been installed in locations all over the globe. For sizes larger or smaller visit our water tank sizes or contact our team who will be happy to advise on what we can supply.


NP Sectional tank

Types of Sectional Water Tank Storage Tanks

We offer two types of sectional tanks, externally flanged base tank and internally flanged base tank. Our externally flanged base tank is designed for building on raised supports to give access to joints and connections below. A combination of primary support piers with steel beams may be required to allow adequate access.

Fully draining bases with sump panels are available on request. Designed for positioning on raised tank supports to permit access to joints and connections below the tank, this design of the tank is typically used to provide a positive head of pressure to an adjacent pump or related equipment. Specifically manufactured for areas where there are no space restrictions. All flanges and fasteners are available on the outside of the tank.

The benefits of this tank include the option to fully drain the tank of water without the need for pumps, it is also easier to maintain due to all connections are accessible from the outside of the tank.

Our internally flanged base tanks are suitable for building on a perfectly flat plinth or on a set of levelled steel beams at specified centres. These tanks are designed and manufactured for positioning on a flat foundation or levelled steel beams as per our foundation requirements. Ideally suited for areas where height or headroom is restricted. All flanges and fasteners are located within the tank. With this design, the tank cannot be fully drained without the use of a pump. The tank is constructed and fastened from the inside and the base needs to be level and able to support the tank without movement. The fixtures are only available from the inside, allowing for extra headroom as access to base panels is not required.


If you are in need of sectional GRP water storage tanks anywhere in the United Kingdom, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our skilled team will assist you with all your needs. All of our professionals are trained with the correct skills in specifying water storage solutions for all industry types, so will be on hand to assist you with all your needs.

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Our support team are on hand to answer your water tank queries. Call, email or instant chat with us today. With over 50 years experience in manufacturing, delivery and installation of water tanks across all industry sectors we are happy to help you with your query.


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Why Work With Us?

Nicholson Plastics Ltd is one of the key manufacturers of cold water storage tanks throughout the UK. The company first began in 1968 and through hard work ethic and dedication, we quickly developed our market share by pioneering the use of GRP in the production of sectional tank panels. Acquired by the Tricel group in 1999, the company is now one of the UK’s market leaders in cold water storage. We have offices located in both England and Scotland, and local fields staff throughout the UK, we provide our customers with onsite technical solutions supported by over 50 years of industry knowledge and expertise. We offer our clients end to end project management services from initial design to final installation.