Plastic Water Storage Tanks 

Manufactured from glass reinforced plastic

Plastic Water Storage Tanks 

Manufactured from GRP

Plastic Water Storage Tanks manufactured by Nicholson Plastics for nearly 50 years. A leading manufacturer & supplier of GRP water storage tanks throughout the UK and worldwide.
We offer our customer’s water storage solutions for projects of all sizes.
All our products are made from GRP which stands for Glass Reinforced Plastics, also known as Fibreglass or composite plastics. It is an extremely versatile material which makes it a great material for all types of applications.

Advantages of Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Tanks are manufactured from GRP glass reinforced plastic otherwise known as fibreglass. This material is ideal for the manufacturing of water storage tanks due to its unique set of properties. Some of the benefits to choosing GRP tanks include:

1. Light weight, 1/10 weight of concrete & Steel
2. High Strength
3. Corrosion Free
4. Easy for handling, installation and transporting
5. Low maintenance cost
6. Long life material
7. Cost savings
8. Easily moulded for custom projects

Storage requirements over 30,000 litres are likely to be best served by a sectional tank.

Types Plastic Storage Tanks (Glass Reinforced Plastic, GRP Tanks) 

The GRP tanks that we specialise in include:GRP Water Storage Tank Install - North London

– One piece tanks
– Sectional Tanks
– Knock-down tanks
– Multi-part tanks

We manufacture plastic water storage tanks that range from 43 litres to 24,000 litres, we specialise in manufacturing for the industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic water storage industries.
Our One piece tanks are suitable for internal and external applications, manufactured for potable and non-potable uses, with or with our lids and trip trays for internal applications. Advantages include standard tanks in stock with express delivery nationwide, easy installation, cost effective storage solutions for temporary use. One Piece tanks must be mounted on a flat level platform and the base must be fully supported.
To comply with British water regulations water storage tanks must be fixed with a secure lid avoiding the possibility of light, dust and vermin coming in contact with the water, tanks must also be equipped with a screened air vent. Nicholson Plastics supply a range of regular and custom designed lids and ancillaries to meet regulatory requirements and can also design and manufacture lids for non-potable water tanks.

Standard Plastic Storage Tank Sizes

Standard sizes available from 43 litres to 24,000 litres and upwards, if you have any special requirements please contact our specialised sales advisors to discuss your individual project needs. We offer a custom moulding service for all specific tank requirements whether this is space restrictions to unusual design of large to small water tank project. We provide capacity tables to help in determining what GRP tank is fit for your project, alternatively contact our specialised sales team and we will be happy to discuss your water storage options with you.Multi-part tank

Plastic Water Storage Tanks Made To Measure

We offer a project management service from concept and product design through materials development, tool design and manufacturing and delivery of the finished product to our customer’s door.
We occupy an exclusive position in the field of reinforced plastics, having the technical expertise, advanced design capabilities with specialised manufacturing facilities in Ireland and the UK, along with the knowledge gained from over 33 years in the composites industry. To view some projects we have undertaken view our case studies section. For all your water storage and custom moulding needs, we have the solutions for you.


Career Opportunities

We are continually expanding our operations in Lanark and Croydon, attracting a diverse range of skill sets in our employees.

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