Replacement Water Storage Tanks 

Manufactured from GRP

 Replacement Water Storage Tank 

Refurbish your tank with Nicholson’s Plastics and save up to 80% on tank replacement costs, get the most out of your water storage tank with a tank report evaluation & recommendation.
At Nicholson Plastics, we manufacture a full range of cold water storage tanks & custom moulded tanks for the Automotive, Industrial, transport Energy FMCG, Water, Wastewater and Construction industries.

Our specialised team of tank installation specialists can also provide a water tank survey report for all existing GRP water storage tanks. We will provide you with expert recommendations on options available for all existing tanks including a breakdown of repair work or replacement options if required.


GRP Water tank survey & report

We have a specialised team that can travel to survey the tank and provide a detailed report on the maintenance condition of the storage tank.Tannadice Football Stadium Water tank installation project
This process involves a visual assessment of the GRP tank and depending on the repair work required we will provide a detailed quote for maintenance work including insulation, Legionella, risk assessments or cleaning, alternatively, depending on the tank condition we will provide you with a detailed assessment report on the best recommendations for replacement if required.
GRP sectional water storage tanks, one piece water storage tanks over their lifetime will require maintenance. To recommend the best methods of repairing a GRP water tank, it is necessary to identify the potential problems within a water tank.

Identifying the problem

• Leaking GRP Tank
• Black Mould & Blisters in the gel coat
• Fully relined, being refilled

If there is water around the base of the tanks or it has been identified in any other area or you have undertaken a legionella risk assessment, we have the best solution for fixing the problem with nearly 50 years in the business of manufacturing and refurbishment of tanks we can offer a specialized service team for recommendations, call us today to discuss the options available to you.

What is GRP Tank Refurbishment?

The water tanks are designed in such a way that they will not do harm to the water, contamination of the water can come from a variety of sources, a correctly constructed tank is built in such a way to minimise the possibility of contamination or breakage/corrosion etc. Depending on the type of tank being repaired a protective coating is the most effective for corrosion and erosion resistant protective coatings for the refurbishment of all types of water storage tanks.

GRP Tank Replacement?

We manufacture all GRP water storage tanks solutions, our sectional tanks are the ideal solution for storage of large volumes of water, and we cater for up to 1,300,000 litres, they are constructed from GRP meter panels and half panels depending on space restrictions & requirements. We also provide one piece GRP tanks these are recommended for sites where access is not restricted, they are available in standard sizes from 43 litres to 24000 litres. Multi-part tanks are an ideal solution for emergency water storage, they are recommended where space is restricted as they can be assembled on site.

• GRP Tank sealant options
• Long-lasting GRP tank linings and coatings
• Replacement tanks



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