Cairn Lodge Hotel

Tank + Booster Set + Enclosure


Company Name: Cairn Lodge Hotel

Products/Services Supplied: Sectional water tank, pump set & enclosure

Tank dimensions & capacity: 2.0 x 1.0 x 1.5

This project required the supply & Installation of a sectional water tank, pump set and enclosure.

Nicholson Plastics supplied a sectional water tank, a pump set and custom build enclosure to the Cairn Lodge Hotel.

The buildings existing water supply was not coping with demand and a last-minute solution had to be provided quickly due to the ongoing lack of water pressure. Time was particularly important due to the hotel welcoming new guests and further demand being placed on the current water supply.

Our project team managed this request by working out the required water demand of the building, which dictates the capacity & size of the cold-water storage tank.

We also worked through the pump requirements to ensure there was adequate pressure available for the building. The pump required a housing unit to protect the pump from the elements.

Our team manufactured, delivered and installed the sectional water tank & enclosure on site within the timeframe available to us before the hotel opened.


sectional tank, enclosure, pump set

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