GRP Water Tanks Leeds

Potable & Non Potable Water Storage


 We specialise in GRP manufacturing which offers our customers the highest quality in water storage tanks.

We offer a fast delivery service to Leedsspecialising in restricted water storage solutions for urban areas.

Each water tank is carefully manufactured to the highest quality and meets with British Standards.

Our products are designed for both potable and non-potable water storage.

We provide a range of water storage tanks that can be bought off the shelf or custom built to your specifications.

One Piece Water Storage Tank

One Piece Tank

Nicholson Plastics offer customers a range of sizes in the storage of water from 45 litres to 24,000 litres. They are suitable to be installed on top of buildings or on elevated structures. These water containers are ideal for restricted spaces and can be custom built to ensure ease of installation. One piece tanks can be supplied pre-insulated with integral CFC & HCFC free polyurethane foam within laminate. Insulation jackets are also available for tanks up to 5680 litres which depending upon specification are suitable to be internally located. Click here for more information on our one piece tank range.

Sectional Water Storage Tank

Sectional Tanks

With nearly 50 years experience in the GRP industry, Nicholson Plastics is one of the UK’s leading providers of sectional tanks. These tanks come in a range of sizes and are assembled onsite which makes them ideal for restricted locations. Theses containers are made up of Glass reinforced plastic panels which are which are bolted to make up an extremely strong water storage solution. Sectional tanks can accommodate storage of up to 1.3m litres of water.

Custom Moulding

Custom Moulding

As well as our extensive range of Plastic GRP tanks for water storage, we also specialise in custom moulding. We peovide a full project management service to help in the design manufacture and supply of custom built GRP products for our clients. To date we have delivered custom GRP products to the automotive, aviation, agricultural, food processing and construction industry. For all your project needs, contact a member of our expert team to help with your custom moulding requirements.

Knock Down Multi-part Tank

Multi-Part Two Piece Tanks

Our multi-part tanks are specifically designed to allow for cost effective shipping and easy assembly. These tanks can come flat packed as a complete kit which can be readily assembled on site. Some of the most common uses for this product has been by Aid Agencies during humanitarian crises, where speed of delivery and assembly has been of utmost importance. As the product is flat packed, it also has the ability of being installed in tight spaces where doorway access often prevents an assembled tank being installed.

Water Tank Calculator

To calculate the requirements of your project, why not try out our water tank calculator. This useful tool allows you to work out the capacity you require for any construction, domestic or industrial project.

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