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Leading provider of Cold Water Storage Tanks in the UK

Manufacturing & Supplying GRP Tanks Since 1968

grp sectional tank

✓ Manufactured to the highest quality

✓ Approved to British Standards

WRAS approved

✓ Designed for both potable and non-potable water storage

✓ Water storage tanks that can be bought off the shelf or

Custom built to your specifications.

GRP Cold Water Storage Tanks

We specialise in GRP manufacturing which offers our customers the highest quality in cold water storage tanks.

Our range of GRP Cold Water Storage Tanks includes Domestic Water Tanks, Industrial Water Tanks, Agricultural Water Tanks, & Commercial Water Tanks.

Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) This material is ideal for the manufacturing of water storage tanks due to its unique set of properties. Some of the benefits to choosing GRP tanks include:

1. Light weight, 1/10 weight of concrete & Steel
2. High Strength
3. Corrosion Free
4. Easy for handling, installation and transporting
5. Low maintenance cost
6. Long life material
7. Cost savings
8. Easily moulded for custom projects

Cold Water Storage Solutions for Constant Water Supply

SLIDE 7 – Cross-hospital-build-1024×768

Sectional Tank

✓ Highest quality standard

✓ Bespoke design

✓ UV stabilised materials

✓ WRAS approved

Combined tank Enclosure

Combined Sectional Tank Enclosure

✓ Very Compact

✓ Professional enclosure

✓ GRP material

✓ Corrosion resistant

NP One Piece Tank ANP100

One Piece Tank

Bespoke design

Virtually ZERO maintenance

Can be supplied in any BS5252 or RAL colour

✓ WRAS approved

SLIDE 7 – Cross-hospital-build-1024×768

Break Tanks

✓ Available from a standard range 

✓ Pre-insulated tanks

✓ Standard capacities are available

✓ WRAS approved

SLIDE 7 – Cross-hospital-build-1024×768

Two-part Tanks

✓ Manufactured to order

✓ Available with insulation in varying thicknesses

✓ Fully self-draining

✓ WRAS approved

NP One Piece Tank ANP300

Category 5 Tanks

✓ Uses for urinals, laboratories, drain cleaning plants, industrial cisterns and bins, etc.

✓ UV stabilised materials

✓ WRAS approved Type AB – Air gap


SLIDE 7 – Cross-hospital-build-1024×768

City Tanks

✓ Maximise availalable floor space

✓ Quick assembly timelines

✓ Any volume of water

✓ Customisable shape configurations

Team Tank Care+

Our support team are on hand to answer your water tank queries. Call, email or instant chat with us today. With over 50 years experience in manufacturing, delivery and installation of water tanks across all industry sectors we are happy to help you with your query.


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Why Work With Us?

Tricel Lanark Ltd is one of the key manufacturers of cold water storage tanks throughout the UK. The company first began in 1968 and through hard work ethic and dedication, we quickly developed our market share by pioneering the use of GRP in the production of sectional tank panels. Acquired by the Tricel group in 1999, the company is now one of the UK’s market leaders in cold water storage. We have offices located in both England and Scotland, and local fields staff throughout the UK, we provide our customers with onsite technical solutions supported by over 50 years of industry knowledge and expertise. We offer our clients end to end project management services from initial design to final installation.