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Insulated Water Tanks 

Format 30 Cold Water Storage

Format 30 Insulated Water Tanks

Current legislation

Format 30 is Tricel Lanark description of tanks with Heavy Duty panel covers, complete with screened vents, overflows, warning pipes etc and having side wall and roof panels with a (u) value of 2.5 w/m2K, (tanks under 1m high have a slightly higher value). This value meets the requirements of section 30 of the water bye laws in the majority of situations. Water tanks in boiler rooms etc may also need base insulation. The purchaser can specify extra requirements or thermal transmittance after considering the period of protection necessary, the tank location and the surrounding conditions.

Please Note: An insulated water tank slows down but does not prevent heat loss or gain over protracted periods. Additional information is available in BS 7491 & BS 6700.

format 30 panel example

Note: This is only an example of one type of insulation skin, there are different arrangements for different types of tanks.

Format 30 Fittings 

Screened air inlet vent 

There are different types of air vents available. One of these is to be fitted to the lid in every Heavy Cover and Format 30 Tank, the hole for the vent will be pre-drilled in the lid panel. A larger insulated water tank may require more than one vent. Tanks with dividers to roof will require two number vents.

Note: During commissioning the air inlet vent should be checked to ensure that it is attached correctly to the

Screened air inlet vent

Our Range of Insulated Water Tanks

Group 151

One Piece Tanks

43 litres to 24,000litres
Group 151

TIF Tanks

375 litres to 3,820 litres

Group 151

Two-Part Tanks

910 litres to 5,690 litres
Group 151

Sectional Water Tanks

hold up to 1,300,000 litres

Advantages of an Insulated Water Tank

An insulated water tank is commonly utilised for the storage of potable water intended for human consumption. Here are some key advantages the tanks offer:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The implementation of insulation on a water tank yields multiple benefits, one of which is improved energy efficiency. An insulated water tank reduces the energy required to uphold the water temperature, resulting in decreased energy expenses. In contrast, an uninsulated water tank needs energy consumption for heating or cooling the water to achieve the desired temperature, leading to potential long-term costs. Opting for an insulated water tank is a proven strategy for maintaining energy-efficient water storage.

Prevention of Heat Loss

Significantly advantageous, especially during colder seasons, water tank insulation serves as a crucial element in minimising heat loss. This ensures that the cold water supply remains consistently cool. In regions with colder climates, such as various parts of the UK, insulating water tanks becomes essential to mitigate the risk of freezing and potential cracking.

Mitigation of Condensation

Typically engineered to stop the accumulation of condensation on the external surface of the water tank, insulation acts as a safeguard against moisture damage. Internally, condensation can lead to mold formation, posing a threat to the purity of the water supply. Adequate insulation helps prevent this issue.

Water Tank Longevity

By sustaining uniform temperatures and reducing stress on the tank, insulation contributes to an extended tank lifespan.

Looking for a certain tank size?

Use our Water Tank Calculator to find the right Tank Size for your needs.

The following calculator helps in estimating the cold water storage requirements for various buildings.

If you need further assistance or you can not find what you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to help.


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Our Water Tank Solutions

SLIDE 6 – Tunnocks-Progress-Photo

Water Tanks

43 litres to 1,300,000 litres

large outdoor sectional tank

Water Tanks

43 litres to 1,300,000 litres

Our Accreditations

At Nicholson’s, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and installing GRP water tanks of the highest quality throughout the UK. Click to see Our Certifications.


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