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About us

Our history

Steel foreman with an NP40 one piece tank
Nicholson Plastics truck in 1981
Nicholson Plastics truck at the first premises in the 1970s

Who are we

Nicholson Plastics Ltd. is one of the key manufacturers of cold water storage tanks throughout the UK. The company first began its operation in 1968 adn through commitment and a hard work ethic, we quickly developed our market share by pioneering the use of GRP in the production of sectional tank panels. Acquired by the Tricel group in 1999, the company is now one of the UK’s market leaders in  Cold Water Storage. 



Our expertise

With offices strategically located in England and Scotland, and local fields staff throughout the UK, we provide our customers with onsite technical solutions supported by over 50 years of industry knowledge and expertise. We offer our clients end to end project management services from  initial design to final installation.



Product range

We specialise in GRP water storage solutions for new and for replacement water tank projects. Our broad range of standard one piece tanks can cater up to 24,000 litres. For sizes outside of the standard range we can offer bespoke cusom moulded service to suit individual requirements.

Our sectional tank are the perfect solution for storing any volume of water where space or access is restricted. We manufacture storage solutions for a wide spectrum of capacities from domestic storage requirements to industrial scale solutions. Our non-water product range includes housings, enclosures and custom moulded GRP products.

Why choose Nicholson Plastics

  • Industry leading experts with a customer centric focus on delivering quality products.
  • WRAS and ISO9001:2015 accreditation; our products are fully compliant with industry standards and are of the highest quality.
  • Our project management and production capabilities, built on the principles of lean, enable us to fulfil short lead-time demands.
  • With over 50 years experience we have worked on all project sizes with some of the Uk’s most established plumbers, contractors & engineers in the construction Industry.
  • Our GRP tank engineers, supported by a dedicated after-sales service, ensure we focus on getting it right first time every time.

Career Opportunities

We are continually expanding our operations in Lanark and Croydon, attracting a diverse range of skill sets in our employees.

Nicholson Plastics - GRP Water Storage Tank