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Fire Suppression Systems

Enhanced Fire Protection

Types Of Water Fire Suppression Systems

Along with sprinkler and deluge extinguishing, which is a network of pipelines for supplying water to the combustion zone, pumping stations and sprinklers and modular fire suppression systems for finely atomized water (MUPTV) are becoming increasingly common.

 Water fire suppression systems are divided into the following types:

• Sprinkler fire suppression systems

• Sprinkler fire suppression installations with remote start

• Fire suppression systems

• Modular fire suppression systems with finely atomized water

This is because we successfully use modular fire suppression at already operating facilities, where it is impossible to provide a supply of extinguishing agent for fire suppression, and required for sprinkler and deluge fire suppression installations. It also does not require complex communications.

Specialists from Tricel Lanark will select the optimal fire-prevention solution for any place.

Water fire suppression is the most common fire suppression system that has the greatest advantages in eliminating a fire. Water fire suppression systems can be used in places of mass presence of people. In addition, sprinkler fire suppression systems can perform fire alarm functions (launching people warning systems in case of fire, transmitting signals to shut down process equipment, power supplies, and starting smoke removal systems).



The simplest and most effective automatic fire suppression systems are sprinkler fire suppression systems.

An intrinsic feature is the use of elements that can independently turn on when the room reaches a certain threshold temperature.

The high efficiency and fault tolerance of sprinkler systems is determined because they do not have any feedback elements of any type, as well as semi-automatic or automatic devices.

Sprinkler system is a network of pipes filled with constant pressure water. The final element of the system is a sprinkler.

Sprinkler is the central element of the system. It is a spray equipped with a tip that sprays water under pressure. In the event of a fire, the tips quickly collapse from high temperature and water sprays to the source of ignition.

The following improvements to sprinkler systems were made primarily with the design of tips and locking devices.


The main substance for firefighting is ordinary water from the water supply. The water pressure in the system is kept constant through check valves.

If of a breakdown or temporary shutdown of the main pipeline, the pressure level in the system will be sufficient for a single initial operation.

Sprinkler systems have another feature that increases the efficiency of firefighting: when spraying water, surfaces, and objects in the effective area are also sprayed.

Automatic sprinkler fire suppression functions completely autonomously but should be integrated into a single fire safety system, since the primary fire suppression is only the initial part of eliminating the fire.



Using classical sprinkler systems is limited, since the working substance (water) freezes at temperatures below 0 ° C, paralyzing the system and destroying the supply pipes because of volume changes during crystallization.

Reducing the freezing point of water with the help of chemical reagents did not justify itself because of the precipitation of precipitating components, which affect the operability of the sprinkler fire suppression system, up to a complete failure.

In this situation, there is a way out – using a dry sprinkler system. In standby mode, it fills the pipelines with compressed air.

When any sprinkler is turned on, compressed air exits through the valve, and local pressure rarefaction occurs. This will lead to including accelerated purge for the remaining sprinklers to bring the fire suppression system into direct operation mode.

After that, the water fills the turbo system. Further, everything happens according to the standard scheme for sprinkler fire suppression systems.

Design and maintenance of sprinkler systems should be carried out by organisations that have the necessary licenses for this kind of work. Sprinkler fire suppression systems are certified fire-fighting facilities, and all of their parameters are regulated.




The main difference between the sprinkler and deluge extinguishing systems is the activation method. Drencher system sprays are driven by a signal from a central console or fire detector, and not by a thermal lock. In many cases, this reduces the inertia of the system and increases its effectiveness.

Drencher systems are applied at objects of any type and purpose. The difference can only be in the condition of the pipelines. Dry systems are used at unheated facilities or any other points where the possibility of an explosion or sudden intense fire is excluded. In all other cases, water-filled deluge units are installed.


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