GRP Cold Water Tank Sizes 

Tanks from 43 – 1,300,000 litres 

GRP Cold Water Tank Sizes

Cold Water storage tanks manufactured by Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) are the ideal solution for storing water. Benefits include, cost effective, low maintenance, easily transported, and the sheer durability of GRP Material. Manufacturing for over 50 years, we are experts in the industry of GRP tank manufacturing and custom moulding.


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One Piece Tanks

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One Piece Water Tank Capacity Table 

Standard Storage Capacity: 43 litres to 24,000 litres

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Tank DrawingsTank RefExternal Dimensions
Length x Width x Height
NP x 10532 x 380 x 385mm4310
NP x 15532 x 380 x 537mm7015
NP x 40/1761 x 583 x 588mm18040
NP x 30/2608 x 761 x 461mm14030
NP x 50/1812 x 634 x 63923050
NP x 70/2888 x 786 x 664mm32070
NP x 70/51599 x 532 x 537mm32070
NP x 80989 x 685 x 740mm36080
NP x 100/11040 x 761 x 766mm460100
NP x 100/21294 x 685 x 690mm460100
NP x 1251040 x 837 x 867mm570125
NP x 1501167 x 939 x 812mm680150
NP x 2001243 x 964 x 969mm970200
NP x 2201141 x 1141 x 1071mm1000220
NP x 2501674 x 1064 x 893mm1140250
NP x 3001976 x 1064 x 893mm1370300
NP x 3501674 x 1293 x 994mm1590350
NP x 4001369 x 1369 x 1299mm1820400
NP x 4402150 x 1150 x 1150mm2000440
NP x 5001674 x 1369 x 1299mm2280500
NP x 6001979 x 1369 x 1299mm2730600
NP x 7002284 x 1369 x 1299mm3190700
NP x 8002588 x 1369 x 1299mm3640800
NP x 8802150 x 2150 x 1080mm4000880
NP x 10002588 x 1674 x 1299mm45501000
NP x 12503198 x 1674 x 1299mm56901250
NP x 1320/1.52150 x 2150 x 1580mm60001320
NP x 1320/13150 x 2150 x 1080mm60001320
NP x 1760/14150 x 2150 x 1080mm80001760
NP x 1760/22150 x 2150 x 2080mm80001760
NP x 2200/15150 x 2150 x 1080mm100002200
NP x 2640/1.54150 x 2150 x 1580mm120002640
NP x 2640/16150 x 2150 x 1080mm100002640
NP x 2640/23150 x 2150 x 2080mm120002640
NP x 3300/1.55150 x 2150 x 1580mm150003300
NP x 3520/24150 x 2150 x 2080mm160003520
NP x 3960/1.56150 x 2150 x 1580mm180003960
NP x 4400/25150 x 2150 x 2080mm200004400
NP x 5280/26150 x 2150 x 2080mm240005280
GRP One Piece Tank
one piece water storage tank
one piece water storage tank

MP Range 

The MP range of one piece tanks was created to keep carriage costs to a minimum. Dimensions have been carefully planned so that no tank takes up more than two pallet-spaces. This also means they have a smaller footprint which is ideal for areas of restricted space.

Multi-part tank range

Cold water storage tanks one piece tank range

Two-Part Tanks 

These are an ideal solution where access is restricted to a standard doorway and are easily and quickly assembled by site operatives. The single horizontal joint seal is compressed by bolting through the predrilled flanges and connections are made via the preformed recesses in the encapsulated insulation. As with all our hand layup tanks, these are carefully manufactured using WRAS approved materials and are completely suitable for use with potable water. Standard two-part tanks are available from 910 litres to 5690 litres nominal and non-standard sizes can be made to order.

two part tank sizes

Sectional Water Tank Sizes

Our sectional water storage tanks hold up to 1,300,000 litres of water.

For all volumes, greater than 1,300,000 litre, these can be designed and manufactured don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team who will provide you with a quote.

All Nicholson Plastics Water Tanks are manufactured to BS EN 13280 and available insulated or un-insulated.

We provide a full list of ancillary items for all tanks, for more information on technical drawing, manuals, certifications, brochures etc visit our downloads section. 

sectional water storage tank