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Water Tank Size Guide

Our Tank Size Guide shows the different sizes available for our complete tank range from One Piece Tanks to Sectional Tanks

Water Tank Sizes for our Water Solutions

Cold Water storage tanks manufactured by Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) are the ideal solution for storing water. Benefits include, cost effective, low maintenance, easily transported, and the sheer durability of GRP Material. Manufacturing for over 50 years, we are experts in the industry of GRP tank manufacturing and custom moulding.

At Tricel Lanark, our expertise lies in providing specialized solutions for water storage projects, both for new installations and tank replacements. Our diverse selection of one-piece tanks, with a capacity of up to 24,000 liters, caters to a broad range of needs. Our sectional tanks offer an ideal solution for storing varying volumes of water in situations where space or access is limited. Our manufacturing capabilities extend to a wide spectrum, addressing everything from domestic water storage needs to large-scale industrial solutions.

Selecting the Right Tank Size

Customers seeking water storage solutions ranging from 43 to 24,000 liters, we provide one-piece tanks. Our two-part tanks are designed for storing 272 to 5,690 liters of water. Additionally, our sectional water tanks are capable of accommodating up to 1,300,000 liters. For customers with unique size requirements for their project, we offer a tailored custom moulding service to meet individual specifications.

To determine the appropriate tank size, our water tank calculator allows you to input the desired water volume and any size constraints, providing a customized tank size recommendation. This tool aids in estimating cold water storage needs for various structures. If further assistance is needed or you require a GRP water storage tank in any location within the United Kingdom, reach out to us, and our experienced team will guide you through your requirements.

Group 151

One Piece Tanks

43 litres to 24,000litres
Group 151

MP Range Tanks

375 litres to 3,820 litres
Group 151

Two-Part Tanks

272 litres to 5,690 litres

Group 151

Sectional Water Tanks

up to 1,300,000 litres

Insulated and Uninsulated Tank Sizes

Condensation Tray Sizes

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Tank & Booster Set
Water Pressure Solution

Looking for a certain tank size?

Use our Water Tank Calculator to find the right Tank Size for your needs.

The following calculator helps in estimating the cold water storage requirements for various buildings. If you need further assistance or you can not find what you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Enter any size restrictions (optional)

Our Water Tank Solutions

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Sectional Tanks

Up to 1,300,000 litres
13978_Addiewell_130508 004

One Piece Tanks

43 litres to 24,000 litres

Our Accreditations

At Nicholson’s, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and installing GRP water tanks of the highest quality throughout the UK. Click to see Our Certifications.


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Certified ISO company
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Our GRP Water Solutions

Home Page-Water Tanks
Water Tanks
Our range of GRP cold water storage tanks include; one piece tanks, multi-part tanks, two-part tanks and sectional tanks.  Capacity from 43 litres to 1,300,000 litres.
Home Page-Pumps Systems
Pump Systems
Our range of booster sets ensures a smooth-flowing solution to problems of
insufficient volume and/or water pressure to all industry sectors and projects.
Home Page-Fire Tanks
Fire Tanks
Tricel Lanark offers a wide selection of water storage solutions, including fire suppression and fire misting tanks for all industry sectors.