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GRP Sectional Water Storage Tanks

Our large scale GRP sectional cold water storage tanks hold up to 2,000,000 litres

Industrial GRP Sectional Water Storage Tanks

Industrial GRP Sectional Water Storage Tanks are an ideal solution for sectional cold water storage, the storage of large volumes of water and for applications where access is restricted. These tanks are manufactured to specific applications in GRP panel format and are site assembled.

Nicholson Plastics is a well-established supplier of industrial sectional GRP tanks with a proven track record in completing projects of excellent quality. With over 50 years in business we have the production and personnel resources necessary to meet the requirements that each project demands. Our large scale Sectional tanks hold up to 2,000,000 litres and have been installed all over the world. See our case studies examples for some of the projects we have undertaken.

Contact our sales team with any queries you may have and we will be happy to quote your project and give our expert advice on the type of tank that would best suit your requirements. We manufacture four types of sectional water tanks using both “hot press” and “hand laid” production methods. Each tank design may be manufactured with un-insulated panels and insulated panels. We offer free site surveys to our customers subject to location. For more information contact us today.

Features and benefits

✓ Designed to BS EN 13280 (2001)
✓ Provides high levels of accuracy
✓ Improved resistance to bacterial growth.
✓ UV stabilised materials
✓ Heavy duty cover
✓ Low maintenance, resists wind and snow loadings.
✓ Integrated insulation
✓ WRAS approved

Types of GRP Sectional Cold Water Storage Tanks

Sectional tank externally flanged base

Sectional Tank Externally Flanged Base 

Internally Flanged Base GRP Tank

Internally flanged base tanks (IFB)


This is designed for building on raised supports to give access to joints and connections below.

A combination of primary support piers with steel beams may be required to allow adequate access.

Fully draining bases with sump panels are available on request.


Suitable for building on a perfectly flat plinth or on a set of levelled steel beams at specified centres.

Panel sizes and range

Tank panels are available in metric panels. There are no restrictions to the length and width available. Metric tanks are available to a height of 4m.

Metric sizes

1m x 1m 1m x 0.5m 0.5m x 0.5m

Internally Flanged GRP Tank
Totally Internally Flanged - city tank

This tank utilises Hot Press Moulded panels and is suitable where there is insufficient room to build a tank with externally flanged sides. Most of the joint flanges are internal.


Specially designed 3D panels are bolted together with all the joint flanges internal. This enables the tank to be built hard against walls on up to 3 sides utilising space that would be too small for conventional sectional tanks.


Flange types

EFB: Externally flanged base tanks

Designed for positioning on raised tank supports to permit access to joints and connections below the tank, this design of tank is typically used to provide a positive head of pressure to an adjacent pump or related equipment. Specifically manufactured for areas where there are no space restrictions. All flanges and fasteners are available on the outside of the tank. The benefits of this tank include the option to fully drain the tank of water without the need for pumps, it is also easier to maintain due to all connections are accessible from the outside of the tank.

IFB: Internally flanged base tanks

These tanks are designed and manufactured for positioning on a flat foundation or leveled steel beams as per our foundation requirements. Ideally suited for areas where height or headroom is restricted. All flanges and fasteners are located within the tank. With this design the tank cannot be fully drained without the use of a pump. The tank is constructed and fastened from the inside and the base needs to be level and able to support the tank without movement. The fixtures are only available from the inside, allowing for extra headroom as access to base panels is not required.

TIFT: Internally flanged tanks

Totally Internally Flanged sectional water tanks are the ideal solution when space or access is limited or a large capacity tank is required. Manufactured & designed for your exact site requirements. Most of the joint flanges and fasteners are internal, requiring less room space for tank assembly.

Spacesaver Tanks

Specially designed 3D panels that are bolted together with all internal flanges. This enables the tank to be positioned and assembled against 3 walls or in restricted applications where space is not available on the external perimeter of the tank.

Image 49
Image 50
EFB: Externally flanged base tanks

IFB: Internally flanged base tanks

Image 50
TIFT: Totally Internally flanged tanks
Image 49

ST: Spacesaver tanks

Base supports


EFB: Externally Flange Base supported on Piers with Spanning Steels


EFB: Externally Flange Base Supported on Piers


SDB: Self Draining Base supported on Piers with Levelling Stells


IFB: Internally Flanged Base supported on concrete plint with levelling steels


IFB: Internally Flanged Base Suppport on concrete plinth

Tanks Insulation – Uses

Uninsulated Water Tanks

Uninsulated Water Tanks are used for the storage of process water. Process water is the name for water which is classed as non drinking water, not suitable for human consumption. Process water is used for a wide range of applications including: industrial plants, industrial processes and production facilities. production companies, heat and power plants, technical plants.

Insulated Water Tanks

Insulated Water Tanks are supplied with suitable connections in compliance with WRAS for storage of potable water. Potable storage water is water that has been certified safe for human consumption, these types of tanks are used in commercial and domestic applications. Insulated attic tank for homeowners, insulated sectional tanks for larger volumes of water required in hotels, restaurants, creches, theatre, etc.

Sectional Tank Options

Internal steelwork and fasteners are stainless steel A4 grade as standard.
Tank divider (partition) to allow continuity of supply during maintenance.
Sump base panels to facilitate draining.
Raised inlet valve chamber (Ball valve Box).
Screened spill slot to provide Type AB air gap
– normally fitted to raised chamber.
Side mounted access hatch. Provides safe egress during maintenance
inside the tank.

Our Accreditations

At Nicholson’s, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and installing GRP water storage solutions of the highest quality throughout the UK. To see our certifications - Click here.


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Our Sectional Cold Water Storage Case Studies

13978_Addiewell_130508 004

Site Assessment for replacing a leaking water tank

Company name: CHC Ltd
Product: Site visit, Tank supply & installation – Externally Flange tank with a packaged variable speed booster set
Tank dimensions & capacity: 2m x 1m x 1.5m, 3,000 litre water tank installation

13978_Addiewell_130508 004

Supply & Installation of a sectional water tank

Company name: Cairn Lodge Hotel
Product: Sectional water tank, pump set & enclosure
Tank dimensions & capacity: 2m x 1m x 1.5m, 3,000 litre water tank installation

13978_Addiewell_130508 004

Manufacture, delivery, installation and removal of their existing water tank system.

Company name: Cross house Hospital Scotland
Product: Two sectional cold water tanks
Tank dimensions & capacity: Tank 1: 12m x 9m x 2m | Tank 2: (216,000 Litres Nominal capacity)