Cold Water Storage Tanks 

Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastics

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Nicholson Plastics have been manufacturing cold water storage tanks since 1968, with almost 50 years manufacturing experience, we have become a market leader in cold water storage.


Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Water Storage TanksOne piece tank range

Our projects to date include manufacturing domestic and commercial water storage tanks for plumbers, contractors, merchants and if necessary even directly for end users.

Our one piece tank range is a cost effective solution for water storage. Our one piece water tanks vary in sizes from 43 litres to 24,000 litres, this option is cost effective and the most convenient solution for most types of water storage projects. Our standard sizes are generally in stock up to 5690 litres and we offer express delivery throughout the UK. One piece tank size guide offer tank option with a tank capacity of 43 litres up to 24,000 litres. With a wealth of experience and in-house manufacturing capabilities we offer all our customers a bespoke custom moulding service, please contact our sales advisors and we will be happy to go through your exact requirements and recommend the best solution for your project.Football stadium sectional water tank

We are also contracted to design and manufacture water tanks for the industrial and commercial industry, including the installation of three water storage tanks at Terminal 2 at one of the largest airports in the UK, Heathrow airport. This job consisted of manufacturing and installing three sectional water tank sizes to the sizes of 10m x 4m x 2.5m, 2m x 2m x 2m and 4m x 2m x2m. Each water tank was manufactured for different applications. (Potable water, non-potable water and rainwater harvesting). We were also the contractor for the design, manufacture and installation of a sectional water tank for Tannadice football stadium, the tank was required for the sprinkler system for the football pitch. The conditions of this contract specified the tank needed to be out of sight, after completing a site survey the space recommended by our engineers that would be suitable for this type of tank was a long and narrow basement space under the director’s box. Our engineers designed and manufactured a bespoke water tank solution to suit this confined space.

Manufacturing GRPcase studies one piece tank

GRP is a composite material, otherwise known as Fiberglass GRP, Fiberglass textiles are frequently used as a strengthening material for constructed and laminated plastics. Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics, GRP, also known as FRP, glass reinforced plastic is one of the most important elements of our products. We manufacture with GRP as the properties associated with this material, include durability, strength, weight, corrosion & temperature resistant, once manufactured it is easy to mould and creates a smooth surface which works well for domestic, commercial and industrial storage tank solutions, this is also one of the most cost effective materials due to ease of transport. If you need assistance in calculating the exact type and size of the tank required for your project, try our tank calculator tool, by entering in the volume of water required it will automatically generate a list of tank options to best suit your requirements. Alternatively please contact our sales team who will be happy to go through your options.

Water Tank British Standards

Nicholson Plastics complies with all British Water Standards and have WRAS & ISO 9001 approval, on all water tank solutions manufactured.

Career Opportunities

We are continually expanding our operations in Lanark and Croydon, attracting a diverse range of skill sets in our employees.

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