Custom Moulding Haptic Cow Case Study

‘Virtalis’ is a virtual reality and advanced global visual realisation company, with offices throughout the world including USA, Germany, Malaysia, Finland and their head offices based in Cheshire here in the UK.

Haptic cows were originally developed in 2012 to be used as a marketing aid at a show in Calgary to promote the launch of this product in North America. Since then, due to the success of this custom moulded product, many more have been ordered for clinics and colleagues all over the world such as and Midwest University, Arizona, Cambridge University and many more leading UK veterinary schools around the United Kingdom.haptic cow

‘Virtalis’ design and create animal products for veterinary training schools, allowing students to carry out virtual rectal and abdominal examinations in a life like scenarios. Their designer contacted our sales team with a request for a custom mould of a life size cow.

After discussing the brief in detail and confirming the exact requirements, our production team started on constructing a cow which can be taken apart into 5 sections, including leg extensions that can be easily added or removed.  The Haptic Cow is manufactured in sections making it easier to deliver and reduce shipping costs.

The body of the cow was constructed from a clam shell casing to the measurements of 980mm x 660mm x 270mm. (The characteristics of the Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) are brought to the fore in this project, the cow is light enough to be moved around by one person yet robust enough to have other equipment attached to the structure.)

The outter shell of the animal which would be used by Virtalis systems to create a virtual touch, or haptics, and enable students to carry out virtual rectal and abdominal examinations. These animal moulding products are also used for artificial insemination purposes by veterinary clinics throughout the world.

Specialist work included moulding the body of an animal, including hand painting the cow to create the desired effect which is a specialised request in the manufacture of GRP products.

Timelines for this project were tight, our sales team received the design brief in May and our customer required the mould to be completed and ready for the 6th of August in time for the Calgary show.

Thanks to our technical sales and our highly experienced production & custom moulding specialists, Nicholson Plastics produced this unique product in a quick turnaround period, each of the five pieces of the cow needed to be made by hand, from the order being placed at the beginning of June, it was moulded, painted, shipped and delivered by the beginning of August. In addition, Nicholson Plastics designed and built a specific flight case for storing and shipping the units anywhere in the world.