Sectional Water Tank Components

GRP Water Storage Tanks

Stainless Steel Bolts: May be supplied internally or throughout the tank.

Dividers: Across or along tank divisions to create independent compartments in the tank to permit continuity of supply during maintenance.

Raised inlet valve chamber: Enables the control mechanism in the tank to be fitted at a higher level.

Access manway: Hinged or “lift off” option

Perimeter railing: Additional safety feature if specified or deemed a requirement by end client.

External Ladder:  Recommended where the height of the tank is greater than 1.5m. Optional safety hoops.


Internal tie rod: Stainless steel Grade 316

Lid support: Lid support structure

Tank connections: A range of inlet valves, overflows, outlets, immersion heaters, temperature and level sensor and indicators available plus threaded pockets for components.

External fastener: Tank panel external support brace

Side mounted access: Provides safe egress during maintenance inside the water tank.

Sump base panels: To facilitate draining tank draining. Only suitable for externally flanged base tanks.

Condensation tray: To capture condensation drips from pipework or tank. Only suitable for internally flanged base tanks.

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