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UK Manufactured GRP Water Tanks

Nicholson Plastics GRP Tanks

Top Benefits

UK Manufactured GRP Water Tanks


Installing or repairing a customer’s water tank is a major responsibility for any reputable contractor. Unhygienic storage of drinking water can cause serious diseases like legionella disease. A substandard or incorrectly installed water tank is a safety hazard with enormous costs associated with water remediation or severe damage to property. It’s important to choose the correct water tank for the project requirements. Here’s what you need to know about UK manufactured water storage tanks and the benefits of selecting a UK supplier & manufacturer

Benefits of Choosing a UK Supplier for GRP Water Tanks

Nicholson Plastics has qualified GRP engineers located throughout the UK. This means we can service and attend sites more efficiently than any other supplier. When you buy a tank from us, you’re assured of:

  • A continuous uninterrupted supply
  • Competitive lead times
  • Superior British quality GRP tanks
  • Easy to replace panels
  • WRAS approved equipment
  • Local back up and service available
  • Fully accredited & certified materials & production
  • UK customer service support
  • Local Installation Engineers & site crews available throughout the UK
  • UK experience
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Browse our selection of cold water tanks for more information on sizes and applications. Nicholson Plastics manufacture for all industry types across the UK including:

  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Fire protection
  • Domestic
  • Industrial


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We are available for site visits & inspections via our local representatives throughout the UK, our team offer video calls if attending site is restricted due to the current COVID limitations, along with email/phone correspondence and our recently launched web chat forum which offers our customers quick chat options. Check out our case studies for our most recent project completion.

View our tank calculator page to view the range of sizes and tank types for your cold water storage requirements.

Why Choose British Manufactured GRP Water Tanks?

British approved GRP tanks have several advantages over the competition.

For starters, they’re manufactured according to stringent UK British standards. The British Standards Institute was the first of its kind worldwide. It has continuously upgraded and refined its criteria to become one of the most trusted approval certifications on an international scale.

These criteria, namely BSI/ISO9001 and WRAS approval, are important when considering a new water storage tank supplier. This is especially true in the case of potable water storage tanks.

When buying from a local supplier, traceability is key concerning the origin of materials and goods. It’s important to research the sustainability and ethics of manufacturers’ production methods beforehand.

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One of the major benefits of buying from a local supplier is shorter lead times and convenient access to backup service and support. Our team at Nicholson Plastics is always on hand to answer questions and offer assistance.

Once the tank’s installed, a local company has experts on hand to conduct all the necessary inspections. They can also sign off any required documentation to ensure it complies with regulations.

UK manufacturers offer backup and after-sales service throughout the UK. Local company representatives are available for support and site visits. Supporting UK manufacturing has a wealth of benefits to the consumer but also makes economic and practical sense by ensuring ongoing prosperity for the British economy.

Finding a Reputable GRP Water Tank Supplier 

Choosing a reputable and reliable supplier is your first priority when it comes to water tanks. Always purchase tanks from certified manufacturers in compliance with all local and national regulations. Have your tank put in by a company whose installation teams are certified, trained, and experienced.

Nicholson Plastics has over 50 years’ experience in the industry. We also have testimonials & reviews from both previous and existing clients.

We deliver all over the UK and are an accredited supplier of water tanks. As such, we’re the leading choice for engineers and architects who want the best quality products for their residential, industrial, and commercial clients.

Get in touch to enquire about our excellent range of GRP water storage tanks today.

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Advantages of Choosing GRP Over Alternative Materials


GRP VS Concrete & Steel

GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) otherwise known as fibreglass, has several advantages over other materials used to manufacture water tanks. It outperforms materials like steel and concrete in every test and offers a series of lasting benefits, including:

Lightweight, Strong and Durable

GRP’s is a lightweight material when compared to steel or concrete. GRP tanks suit a variety of installations due to their lightweight capabilities and weather-resistant properties. GRP water tanks are installed all over the world and perform even in the harshest of environments.

A high glass to resin ratio ensures superior durability and strength without the drawback of excessive weight. Steel relies on weight to achieve strength. Aluminium, while lightweight, offers low strength capabilities. GRP outperforms competitor materials for strength and durability making it a cost-effective solution for all industry sectors.

Corrosion-Resistant and Cost-Effective

All metals corrode over time unless subjected to costly anti-rust treatments. GRP’s weather-resistant and rust-free by nature, which means fewer maintenance costs and long useful life.

A GRP water tank can last for up to 25 years without any additional care.

Due to its lightweight properties, GRP material is cheaper to transport. It rarely requires heavy lifting equipment to on/offload. It’s easily manoeuvrable which reduces installation costs significantly.

Convenient Designs/moulding

GRP’s easy to work with, so manufacturers can assist with a wide range of solutions for industrial, agricultural, and residential applications.

This flexibility makes it easier to find a cold water tank to meet the necessary design and capacity criteria for numerous projects.

Our Accreditations

At Nicholson’s, we pride ourselves in manufacturing and installing GRP water tanks of the highest quality throughout the UK. Click to see Our Certifications.


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Why work with us for your Water Storage Needs?

Over 50 years’ industry experience

Projects completed in the last 24 months

Nicholson Plastics is a UK GRP Cold Water Storage Tank Manufacturer with a proven track record in the supply of water tanks to all industry sectors throughout the UK. We have an expert team on hand with over 50 Years' industry experience. Our team works hard to provide exceptional industry lead times from quotes, site visits, order processing, and delivery. We are a British Standard approved company with full certification through BSI/ISO9001 including WRAS approved certified water tanks suitable for potable drinking water.

  • Over 50 years of technical knowledge.
  • Quality assurance at a local level.
  • UK customer support teams, backup, replacement service & advice.
  • Supporting local and sustaining UK manufacturing.
  • Regional sales representatives for site visits, emergency water requirements, and project advice.


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Our Team Tank Care+ Service for your Cold Water Tanks

Our support team is on hand to answer all your water tank queries. Call, email or talk to us via our webchat today. Track your order, general enquiries, water storage tank specifications, request a quote or just give us feedback.

Our team has over 50 years of experience in providing GRP cold water tank solutions to our customers across all industry sectors throughout the country.

We are happy to help, get in touch!


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