GRP Water Tank Solution for Removal of Foul Odours

Air Water Treatments Limited 


​Date: 07/08/2019

Company Name: Air-Water Treatments Ltd

Product Supplier: Sectional CWS

Tank Dimensions & Capacity: 8x7x3m 168000Ltrs Nominal capacity

Our Client: Air-Water Treatments Ltd are highly experienced in odour control for Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Landfill and Waste Disposal Sites, Food Processing industries.

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Our Clients Water Storage Requirements

Our client requested a water tank solution which would be suitable to remove foul water odours for a waste management company.

To remove odour from a water supply it needed to be passed through a filtering system which Air-Water Treatments Ltd designed to ensure the output would be odour free liquid.


GRP Water Tank Lava Rock Filtering System

To reduce odour, the tank is filled with a lightweight volcanic rock, commonly known as lava rock. This is typically filled up to 70% of the tank height, and water is filtered through the rock from above as a spray, removing any foul odours. At the same time, air is lightly passed through the rock to help with the process through several large vents.

Odour free water is then collected in the area below the plenum floor and is dispersed through several pipes.

Our team recommended special bracing to help in the distribution of the lava rock within the tank, designing and manufacturing special manways was another design feature specific to this water tank request, larger manways ensure ease of filling for replacement of Lava Rocks.


GRP Water Storage Tank Solution

After initial discussions regarding design options and what was required, an 8x7x3m sectional tank was decided as the best solution for our client.

The tank required a plenum floor to be installed approximately 300mm above the base of the tank, where water is collected.

The false floor of the water tank was discussed and designed by both teams to ensure the best possible solution was available to our client. Once the details were finalised, Nicholson Plastics Tank Assembly Engineers completed the construction of the plenum floor.



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