Fire Safety Water Storage Tank

Fire safety water storage & fire suppression water storage tanks are installed for saving lives, protecting property and limiting damage to our environment. With 50 years of Manufacturing GRP Sectional tanks Nicholson Plastics can help with your requirements.

Sectional Cold Water Tank

✓ Manufactured to the highest quality

✓ Approved to British Standards

✓ High efficiency in the suppression of a wide variety of fires

✓ Extremely effective fire protection

Reduces asset damage and operational downtime

Fire Tanks

Fire sprinkler systems are installed to protect life and minimse damage to property. Fire sprinkler systems are the most effective solution to control and extinguish fire.

 85% per cent of small and medium businesses that suffer a serious fire either never recover or cease trading within 18 months.

Fire Water Storage Solutions

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GRP Misting tanks

✓ The mist can extinguish a fire in shielded and obstructed locations.

✓ Immediate activation

✓ No toxic problems

✓ High efficiency in the suppression of a wide variety of fires

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Fire Suspension Water Tank

✓ Perform fire alarm function

✓ Bespoke design

✓ used in places of mass presence of people

✓ Perform fire alarm functions

Team Tank Care+

Our support team are on hand to answer your water tank queries. Call, email or instant chat with us today. With over 50 years experience in manufacturing, delivery and installation of water tanks across all industry sectors we are happy to help you with your query.


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Why work with us?

GRP Water Storage Tank Manufacturer, Nicholson Plastics Ltd is a leader in the industry of cold water storage solutions, with a proven track record in the supply of one piece cold water storage tanks, sectional water storage tanks, custom designed tanks and dimensioned water tanks. Catering for all tank types of cold water storage including WRAS approved potable water tanks which are manufactured to the highest quality. We provide end to end support to all of our customers, providing a full project management service in finding the right solution for our customers every time for projects of all sizes.