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If you are in search of water tanks for sale within the UK market, chances are you are looking for a reliable long-term solution that meets your specific capacity needs. This is where Nicholson Plastics comes in. As a leading brand in the market, manufacturing and supplying cold water storage tanks since 1968. We have a wide range of water tanks for sale that will meet our customer base’s requirements.

This article will discuss the main factors to consider before making a purchase and the different benefits of buying a water tank from Nicholson Plastics.

What to Consider When Looking For Water Tanks For Sale

Nicholson Plastics has a broad range of water tanks for sale, each designed to meet your water storage needs. With vast experience in the industry and extensive product and technical knowledge, our water storage solutions have been the go-to for many industrial and commercial companies. We manufacture, supply and install WRAS Approved water tanks for various organisations, from hospitals, hotels, schools, airports, and football stadiums.

Looking up water tanks for sale can be a complicated task; however, knowing the different factors to consider before making a purchase simplifies the process. Here are two main factors to keep in mind:

1. Water Tank Material

Water tanks for sale are made from different materials, including steel, concrete and plastic. At Nicholson Plastics, our water tanks are manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). This GRP material is lightweight and durable, making our tanks ideal for various applications.

Our sectional tanks use UV-stabilised material, and the GRP material has improved resistance to bacterial growth. This makes our tanks suitable for potable water storage. Additionally, our one piece tanks, similar to the sectional tanks, comply with all the relevant British Standards and UK water regulations.

2. Capacity of the Water Tank For Sale

This is a vital consideration because the capacity determines the size of the tank. The size of the tank will also affect where the site crew installs it, and there could be space restrictions in place. Our water tanks for sale range in sizes from 43 to 24,000 litres for our one piece range and can hold up to 2,000,000 litres for our sectional tanks range.

Consider the water’s purpose, how many people will depend on it and the water usage to get a better estimate of the capacity you require. Nicholson Plastics has a useful tank size calculator tool to accurately estimate the tank size to fit your water storage needs.

Sectional tank externally flanged base


Water Tanks For Sale From Nicholson Plastics

Choosing a Nicholson Plastics water tank has many advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits of having us as your chosen manufacturer and supplier:


With over 50 years of experience and a team of experts in the industry, Nicholson Plastics provides its customers with product knowledge and technical advice from tank sizing to installation.

Our specialist team is committed to continuously providing high-quality water tanks for sale. No matter the industry, commercial, industrial, agricultural or domestic, we will provide you with the right tank for your needs.

Our water tanks for sale are durable and made from strong GRP material to withstand external elements such as harsh winters, rain and wind. This makes us a trusted brand in the market.

CPD Training

We provide a CPD training course that develops industry professionals’ skills and helps them specify water storage tanks. This course will help ensure accurate base specifications resulting in fewer issues on site, such as leaking tanks, delays in project scheduling and completion due to aborted site visits.

Quality Standards

At Nicholson Plastics, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products. Our water storage tanks are WRAS approved and are ISO certified for their high quality. Whether a customer is searching for a standard tank or a custom moulded option, we have the perfect water storage solution to meet their specific requirements.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support teams are available at every stage, from technical drawings, site surveys to the delivery and installation of the water tanks. We offer our customers site support after installation ensuring they can always count on us before and after the project is completed.


The Range of Water Tanks For Sale From Nicholson Plastics

With a commitment to precision engineering, our diverse selection of water tanks for sale showcases the high levels of innovation and durability we have at Nicholson Plastics. Backed by years of experience, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier within the UK, delivering high-quality solutions that exceed expectations. 

  • Sectional Tanks

Our GRP sectional tanks are designed to store up to 2 million litres of water. We have extensive experience installing large industrial and commercial sectional tanks throughout the UK. For more information regarding the type of sectional tank for your project, whether it is an Internally Flanged Base tank or an Externally Flanged Base tank, please contact our expert sales team and they will quote you on the right water tank.

  • Combined Tanks and Pumping Station

Our hotpress sectional tank and pump station offers customers with an effective 2-in-1 water storage solution. With a practical working space for you to store your tank connections and equipment, the sectional enclosure is the right water tank for sale if you require a solution for internal and external applications.

  • One Piece Tanks

Our GRP manufactured One Piece Tanks are an effective solution if you require a water tank for commercial and residential purposes. They are easily transported and can fit in restricted spaces.

  • Fire Water Tanks

For all those looking for water tanks for sale to support their fire safety systems, Nicholson Plastics has been manufacturing and supplying fire water tanks for decades. Our GRP fire tanks come in the form of misting tanks or fire suppression tanks designed for commercial and residential projects.

Nicholson Plastics is the supplier you can trust if you are in search of water tanks for sale. With our experience in the industry, a wide range of water storage solutions, and a wealth of technical knowledge, you can be assured that you will get the right solution for your needs.

Contact our expert team for a quote or further product information.

Our mission: To help you find the most cost-effective solution for your water storage requirements.

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Over 50 years’ industry experience

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Nicholson Plastics is a UK GRP Water Storage Tank Manufacturer with a proven track record in the supply of water tanks to all industry sectors throughout the UK. We have an expert team on hand with over 50 Years’ industry experience. Our team works hard to provide exceptional industry lead times from quotes, site visits, order processing, and delivery. We are a British Standard approved company with full certification through BSI/ISO9001 including WRAS approved certified products for potable drinking water.

  • Over 50 years of technical knowledge
  • Quality assurance at a local level
  • UK customer support teams, backup, replacement service & advice
  • Supporting local and sustaining UK manufacturing
  • Regional sales representatives for site visits, emergency water requirements, and project advice

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