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Water Storage Tanks



Water storage tanks are vital assets for commercial, residential or industrial properties. They are primarily used to store and provide a consistent supply of water used for consumption, irrigation, fire suppression and various other purposes. Many water storage tanks are available in the market, which can result in a complicated task for customers looking to purchase the right one.

This article will discuss what water storage tanks are and guide you through selecting, installing and maintaining a water storage tank that suits your capacity needs.

What are Water Storage Tanks?

Water storage tanks are manufactured for different residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Tricel Lanark manufactures an extensive range of tanks that come in varying sizes depending on their intended use and location.

We supply tanks, manufactured using glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), which has advantages over traditional alternatives constructed using concrete, steel or plastic. Our GRP water tanks provide customers with a durable water storage solution.

Here are the different types of water storage tanks we offer at Tricel Lanark:

One Piece Tanks

Manufactured in different sizes to hold between 45 and 16,000 litres, these are sought after as an economical water storage alternative. They are ideal for smaller properties or small-scale operations as well as sites with little to no access restrictions. Our one-piece tanks can be custom-built according to a customers’ requirements with the option to horizontally split some tanks into multiple sections for easier mobility on site.

Sectional Tanks 

Ideal for large-scale operations, these tend to serve commercial plumbing systems. Our sectional tanks can hold up to 2,000,000 litres complying with Regulation 4(1)arequirements. Each panel used is constructed from GRP, and the tank is assembled on-site. Manufactured using hot press and hand-laid production methods, we also offer our customers the option for insulated or un-insulated water storage tanks as well as externally flanged or internally flanged options for sites with limited space.

Fire Sprinkler Tanks

These water storage tanks are installed to save lives and limit damage to property from breakout fires. They provide an emergency water supply for fire suppression systems. There are several types of these water storage tanks; sprinkler tanks, misting tanks, wet riser tanks and more. They all function differently but have the same goal of extinguishing fires. Tricel Lanark manufacture sprinkler tanks ideal for residential settings.

Combined Tank & Pump Station

A 2-in-1 water storage tank that stores water within one compartment and electrical equipment, including water pumps and controls in the other. Combined sectional tanks are a cost-effective water storage solution as they save money, which would otherwise get spent purchasing a separate enclosure and tank. They are perfect for retrofit water storage projects where internal space is at a premium, saving time and money modifying a building to accommodate a tank and pump.

Selecting the Right Water Storage Tanks

There are different factors to consider when purchasing the right water storage tank to suit your needs, and these factors include:

Tank Purpose

Depending on the building requirements for water storage, each building will require different tanks. For example, a football stadium will need various water storage tanks, most commonly sectional tanks that each serve many functions, including irrigation for watering the pitch and providing water for toilets and kitchens during peak demand on match day. A small office building will not require the same size water tank as a football stadium, so depending on the water usage and tank size these sites can tend to accommodate a one-piece tank , cistern tank or a small sectional tank.

Additionally, the material can play a role in the selection of water storage tanks. Steel tanks can be provided for commercial sprinkler systems but not for potable mains fed water applications due to the material being non-compliant. Water storage tanks that holds potable water must comply with water bylaws and various other standards, whilst a tank fed from a private water supply does not have to follow all the same requirements.

Water Tank Location

Location means where the water storage tank will be installed or placed on-site. The location will primarily affect the size and type of water tank. If a water storage tank is needed to fit in a tight space, then a city tank or TIF tank will be the ideal option. If the tank needs to be placed aboveground, it should be insulated and strong enough to withstand any external elements such as wind, rain and freezing temperatures.

Tank Capacity

The capacity will all depend on the tank’s purpose and the water demand. The demand is affected by the size of the building, the number of people that will be using the water supply, the outlets that the tank feeds and the frequency of water usage.

A large hotel will require a water storage tank that can hold a higher volume of water to provide a consistent supply to all the rooms on the premises. Therefore, a sectional tank will be the perfect water storage solution.


Football stadium Cold Water Storage sectional water tank
Outside Picture of the Ham Yard Hotel

Sizing Water Storage Tanks

Understanding various elements such as peak usage periods, water usage frequency, and any potential emergencies that require a water source will assist in sizing the right water storage tank. This is normally worked out by a Mechanical Engineer, Fire Engineer or similar depending on the tanks purpose. We have a helpful tank size calculator tool that can aid you in sizing a one piece tank or sectional tank to meet the capacity requirement that has already been provided by an engineer

Maintenance of Water Storage Tanks

Despite the durability of our water storage tanks, regular inspections are required to ensure the tanks are operating as they should, to spot any leaks and prevent damages that can cost you in the long run. For efficient maintenance, the water storage tanks must be easily accessible.

Consistently checking the water storage tanks can add to their lifespan as this can highlight potential issues that can be addressed early on. Prologing the lifespan of water storage tanks involves regular tank cleaning according to the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8. ACOP L8 ensures water storage tanks remain compliant with the legal and regulatory duties concerning Legionella.

Cleaning and disinfecting the internals of a water storage tank is vital as it keeps the water supply clean and allows removal of sediment within the tank that can form. This can also increase the lifespan of internal components that may be susceptible to corrosion if not maintained correctly. Different tank process’ require a different maintenance regime. For example, a potable water tank is recommended to be cleaned and disinfected annually at a minimum, but a sprinkler tank does not due to the implications created by taking the system offline.

Choosing the Right Water Storage Tank Manufacturer

Choosing the proper manufacturer is essential to ensure the water storage tank’s quality, durability, and safety. Researching and comparing different manufacturers based on reputation, certifications, warranties, and customer reviews is vital.

Tricel Lanark has been a specialist manufacturer of GRP water storage tanks since 1968, making us a trusted brand. With a wide range of water storage solutions to meet various customer needs, we should be your go-to option. Our reliable one-piece and sectional tanks are all WRAS-approved and certified for their high quality, making them the perfect choice.

As an essential fixture for any property that requires to hold and supply a consistent water supply, choosing the right water storage tank requires a thorough consideration of many factors. There are many different types and sizes, making it vital to evaluate the water storage tank’s purpose, location and capacity, amongst other factors.

Ensuring that the right size of tank is selected saves you from incurring unnecessary costs involved by replacing your tank after a short time. Allowing suitable clearance for safe installation and future inspections is a key part in the tank selection process. Another factor to incorporate is the usable volume each tank provides as this is how much physical water is available for your system. After installation, the tanks must be checked and maintained at a frequency that is dictated by the tank’s primary application. For expert technical advice and product information, contact our Tricel Lanark team today.

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